Why Compostable Only?

Compostable poo bags are made from natural material that decompose fully into “compost” without producing toxic reside as they break down.  
Our bags are made from cornstarch + PLA + PBAT (polymers from cornstarch) . Even the manufacturing process is gentler to the environment.  The bags will naturally breakdown in the right conditions.  
It can take 90-135 days to decompose and longer to totally degrade but these are the best the industry can do for the moment unless you had very thin bags which wouldn’t work with poo bags for obvious reasons!
The highest certification for compostability from TUV Austria Home Compost means that the bags have met certain criteria and Home Compost guarantees complete biodegradability even in your garden compost heap.  
To be classed as compostable they also meet with the European Standards EN13432.  They are definitely the best choice for a more sustainable and greener choice.