Are your bags home compostable?

Our compostable poop bags are certified home compostable, which means all Planet Underdog bags have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components of water, carbon dioxide, and biomass that will not harm the environment.

Planet Underdog bags will break down in a well maintained home compost, or indeed in an industrial composting facility. They hold the official certification TUV OK HOME Compost, and our bags meet both European EN13432 and North American ASTM D6400 certification standards.

What are compostable bags made from?

We only sell compostable poop bags that are made from the natural plant based material called cornstarch. It’s brilliantly strong, sustainable and home compostable.

How big are your bags?

Our bags are W23cm x L33cm and plenty big enough for the scariest of poops!

How thick are your bags?

Planet Underdog bags are 18 microns thick and very strong.

Is the whole pack and bag sustainable?

Yes. The paper card rolls we wrap our bags around are recycled and recyclable, as well as all of our Planet Underdog packaging, meaning that nothing has to go to landfill.

In addition to this we are a carbon-neutral company.

Who did your advert?

We worked with an amazing young voice over artist called Charlie Hopkinson, he can be found by clicking here