The 10 Best Dog Poop Bags Review

February 07, 2022

The 10 Best Dog Poop Bags Review

We've just been reviewed on Smart Bark!

The review;

Planet Underdog Dog Poop Bags

New on the block is the UK company - Planet Underdog. Launched in June last year, their poop bags are designed using cornstarch and polymers from cornstarch so they're 100% compostable with great eco-credentials.

Their range of unscented bags are available in three bright colours with two pack size options - 60 and 120 (15 bags on each roll).

These smaller quantities are great if you want to try out their bags.

However, it's worth noting that they also offer multipacks and monthly subscriptions, so the more you buy the more you save.

We tested their yellow and orange range and loved the wording on their bags.

Ultimately the bright colours were a hit with testers although they commented that they were slightly more transparent than some of the non-compostable bags tested. The bags separated easily from the roll and fitted comfortably in a range of bag holders.

It's hard to feel good whilst you scoop the poop, but helping a new UK company and being planet friendly at the same time is a good place to start !

Dimensions ( W x L )

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Bright colours

+ Small quantities available

+ Subscription option

Reasons to Avoid

- More costly than non-compostable

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